Sponsor a child

It doesn’t cost much to support a child in Tanzania. Just $2 per day is all we need. This may not seem like much money to you but to our children it means the world to them, here its how $2 supports and change our children’s life and open up a better future. It covers:

•       Education expenses
•       Health expenses 
•       Basic needs such as food, shelter and clothes

Our hope is sponsors will become part of our children’s lives. They will not simply give money. They will write letters, send pictures, occasionally call, share family stories, build a bond that will enrich both your life and your sponsored child’s life. We are hopeful these bonds can become a vital force that helps guide our children into adulthood, perhaps surviving for a lifetime.

Would you like to get involved? Read more about sponsorships and donations or about the possibilities we offer volunteers.

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